BIMotion - BIM Content Management System in Notion

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Start managing your companies projects with a all-in-one solution.

BIMotion is a content management system, that helps you document families, requests and revisions with your BIM-Team in one place.

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What do i get?

  • Databases for Revit Families and Subfamilies with nested structure
  • Requests Table for handling Requests companywide regarding your BIM-Content
  • Revision Task board to assign for your Employees
  • Revision Documentation with full Revision History on every BIM Element
  • Assign Employees roles and scopes of work
  • Full Control and Overview over your BIM-Content
  • Lifetime Access to Updates
  • Email Support

Who am I?

  • I'm The Open Source BIM Manager and am the creator behind this template. I work in the digitalization of the AEC Industry with a multi-year experience. Your BIM Content is the most valuable ressource of your company in any given BIM-Project. Changes and lacking communication about those can lead to crucial, expensive mistakes, so a BIM Content Management System is crucial. Most of them on the market are hard to setup and more expensive. So, i created BIMotion for a low-cost, easy-to-setup solution.


  • Whats the procedure? After purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the template into your Notion workspace. From there, you can start managing your content. No set-up required, just duplicate in your existing workspace.
  • Why should i use Notion? Notion is a hardware and software agnostic platform, that allows for maximum flexibility: Databases, Kanbans, Calendars, Templating and more. Also, Notion has a lot of integrations that allow you to connect your software stack.
  • Are there any additional costs? No, Notion is free for individuals. There are paid plans, but you can start using NotionFlow with a free account on Notion.
  • Is it worth it? Definitely! Messed up Content Management Systems can lead to errors during a project if they are not properly handled and documented. Your content is the most important asset for you in any given BIM project. Revit as a tool is not really good in handling content management.
  • Still questions? If you're still unsure or need further assistance, send me an mail to
I want this!

After the purchase, you will be redirected to duplicate the template in your Notion Workspace. Furthermore, you will receive descriptions on how to set it up.

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BIMotion - BIM Content Management System in Notion

0 ratings
I want this!